Bulera Millennium Child Ministries is a Legally registered Community Based Organization, operating in the areas of Kimaka - Mpumudde of Jinja District, Uganda.

Bulera Millennium Child Ministries was founded on April 15th 2014 by Mr. Bulera Muzafalu, a  bonafide resident of Nalufeenya Village Jinja District.

In Africa it takes a whole village to raise a child, however in this ministry’s short period of history we have witnessed child neglect living in appalling conditions, which militates against our parental and community function as a redemptive social organ for the vulnerable children of Africa. Many of the children we take care of have been subject to domestic violence, child pregnancies and labour, rape, HIV/AIDS, children displaced from their northern cradle lands by war violence... to mention but a few. We urgently needed to form support relationships with concerned members and stakeholders in rebuilding the life of these vulnerable children, as these recurring problems are the hardest tasks to manage.

In answering the plight of the African child, Mr. Bulera Muzafalu, united with like-minded members, have formed a legal entity pursing programs to make the world a better place for the children.  

Eden road jijnja district


Today the number of children wandering in the villages and subject to child labour is overwhelming, as homelessness is responsible for the influx of so many vulnerable children in the semi/urban centers. Due to scarce resources we cannot entirely meet the feeding, housing and education needs of all these children that we are in close contact with.

Our Vision is to make the world a better place for the children of Africa and creating an environment which fosters their growth into God fearing and responsible citizens.    

Our social work environment comprises of the following programs: 
1. Empowering internally displaced children and families originating in the LRA war ravaged northern regions of Uganda. 
2. Re-building the lives of street children through education programs and reconciling them with their families. 
3. Facilitate proper growth and development of children with disabilities i.e. physical, visual, auditory and/or mental illnesses. 
4. Improving the quality of life of orphans and vulnerable children and their caretakers affected by HIV/AIDS.


Our Activities include:

1.A children’s home for the most vulnerable children.

2.A drop in center for transit rehabilitation among street children.

3.Child sponsorship

We intend to expand to a bigger children's home where close to a hundred kids can have a turning point in their lives, and be able to positively contribute to the their families and communities. 


1. Building an integrated school.
2. Building a pediatric medical care center.
3. International/national child adoption program. 
4. Family empowerment in small income generating projects for foster families/care givers.