Of course you will need to travel Uganda as it is a place well known for having several tourist attractions including national parks, camping sites, beautiful traditional towns and not to forget, the culture of Ugandans as you will find that we are very welcoming and friendly!

Jinja town, where the organization is based is a common site for tourist from all over the world and serves as a base for almost all east African tourist companies with overland trucks. This is attributed to the tremendous lake and river sites that most expedition activities are common with. Key attractions include the source of the Nile, rafting along the falls and the Nile, or simply take a beautiful cruise in one of the biggest lakes in the world. .


Due to wide shortage of professional human resources -especially in the health and financial sectors- BMCM has always sought to improve this scarcity through its volunteering program. Volunteers have always provided a critical role in filling the structural gap that exist within the organization and a lot has been accomplished with the help of volunteers. In addition to the above, BMCM has a well-established volunteer program and serves to place volunteers into various project partners which subsequently contribute to activities that meet our mission and vision.


Volunteer for one day

At BMCM it is possible to volunteer for a single day. If you are for example a tourist passing through Jinja and you would like to give something back to the community, feel free to contact us! 

Long term volunteering
Volunteering for more than one day is also a possibility. Our volunteering will ensure your participation in several projects on multiple locations around Jinja. We also provide free accommodation. Contact us to receive more information!


We are a team of open minded individuals who are open to new ideas and we welcome your formulation and involvement into new projects. In the process, you will meet and make new friends, understand and learn about the interesting culture, the people and economic policies in this freshly growing nation of Uganda. Last but not least, Uganda is a place for tourism, adventure and travel. In Jinja, where we are based, the town is known to be and nick named the adventure capital of Eastern Africa. We are building lasting relationships between people from different nations, backgrounds and race. We regard contributing into positive diversity of culture with a shared passion and a common vision of making change. For those who meet through our programs, we give away to stay in touch. For those who want to become part of this exciting community, we give a way to get involved.


Working in a developing country requires that you are willing to adapt to a new culture. The living and working conditions that you are used to at home may be different here in Uganda. At the BMCM volunteer's home, we will ensure that housing meets minimum conditions of comfort, electricity, indoor plumbing, adequate furnishings and kitchen equipment, however these may not be up to familiar standards. Similarly, you must be comfortable with unfamiliar food, social conventions, and physical environments. Health services will be available, but might not be up to standards to which you are used to.